Rabbit Sugar’s Stories by IMED – Chapter Six

Date 9月 14, 2023

Sugar loved her life. But not long after they arrived, Cina Bun and Sugar were sold.

“I’ll m-miss y-you!” Cindy Bun Said, fighting tears back.

“W-we’ll m-miss you too!” Sugar and Cina Bun said, tears streaming down their cheeks. They hugged and waved bye-bye to Cindy Bun and their fellow rabbits.

The owner’s two daughters picked Sugar and Cina Bun up. The new owner had come.

They were loaded into a box. They were driven to another home. As time passed, both the two little rabbits did was sitting there in humiliation and sadness.

The new owner put a bowl of water and a mat in the box for them to play on. They were given a new bedroom and bathroom.

Cina Bun finally moved, stretching. Sugar followed, but both stopped when one human said, ” The gold-brown one is for another family. The white-brown is for us.”

Sugar felt fears streaming down her face again. She was to be seperated from her siblings one more time.

“Sugar,  B-b-bye!” Cina Bun said, his eyes watering, when his owners came to pick up him.

“Cina Bun, B-bye!” Sugar answered.

Then Cina Bun was gone.

This day was October 12, 2020. It’s the saddest day of Sugar’s life.


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