Rabbit Sugar’s Stories by IMED – Chapter Eleven

Date 11月 7, 2023

Stay at House by Myself

The first time my hoomans left me was on a Sunday morning in January.

Decked out in earmuffs and snow-pants, they filled my food and water bowls… and left… Just like that.

During their departure, I was stealing food and other stuff that I liked. Then I slept on and on. The day wore on, and at last I felt so bored. I decided to tell my housefolk about my feelings. I pooped on their couches.

Of course, one might think that I was a little over-reacting. But trust me, in bunny language, doing your duties on furniture means that you are REALY annoyed. I was sure my  hoomans would get it.

I was wrong. As soon as discovering what I had done after my housefolk coming back from wherever they were going, they immediately started spanking and chasing me. I guess they don’t understand my native language.

Finally, they showed me their snow findings. The snow was very hard, like ice. It was superbly cold.

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