Rabbit Sugar’s Stories by IMED – Chapter Seven

Date 9月 14, 2023

Sugar stared miserably at her claws. Two hours had passed since she arrived at this new house. She signed. Why is life so hard?

Sugar was humiliated. Although her new owners were really kind to her. Sugar never got over the taking brother and sister away from her part, nor the being banished by her mother, getting captured by humans to be a pet, being sent away to another house, etc.

Ptah-platter-plat-platter. Sugar jumped up. What was that? She spun around. Oh, it was just the sound of food being piled into a dish by her new owner.

Sugar went over to sniff it.

Pppwwfftth yuck! So dusty! So…ew! Sugar spit at the food. Wait… She tasted a pellet. I was dry. Nevertheless, it was rather pleasant. It consisted of carrots, hay, grass, and leaves which were her favorites.

A lot of things were unfamiliar about this new place. Obviously, the structure was not the same and the furniture weren’t even close to the furniture in the first house.

The interior was decorated with paintings and photographs. The only flaw this house had was that it didn’t have rabbit chew toys to comfort Sugar’s itchy teeth.

But it did have wooden all moldings.

Thus, Sugar chewed on the moldings. They were mmm yummy! However, her owners had other thoughts about it. They chased her off and harassed her whenever she tried chewing on the moldings, leaving her feeling melancholy and her teeth itchy.

One day, the youngest owner brought home an apple tree twig. Sugar beamed at the human, finally a proper chewing item!

She sprinted to the little twig and took her first bite. The feeling of freshness and delight washed over her. She felt closer to her owners.

Maybe one day she’ll learn to love them. Perhaps.

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