Rabbit Sugar’s Stories by IMED – Chapter Eight

Date 11月 1, 2023

A few days after arriving to this new destination, Sugar’s owners let her out the house, into the backyard.

Sugar, who loved the outdoors, zoomed out of the house at full speed and ran making bee lines around apple trees, rose bushes, even the small shed which sat in the backyard unmoving. The fresh smell of flowers, leaves, and fall fruits lightened her mood.

After having fun, her owners would get her to go back inside the house – by chasing or grabbing at her. That was the bad part of going into the backyard. You always had to go back indoors. However, the urge to smell the fresh air and feel the breeze ruffle and smooth her fur lured her back outside.

On this particular day, the people of Sugar’s home set up a prickly but fantastic (as it provided a little hiding place for Sugar) pine tree. Sugar saw it was not real, for the needles of it were make of shiny, unnatural material. The housefolk decorated the tree in garlands of red, white, and gold colored fuzzy stuff, round balls hooked up on the branches of the tree.The tree looked like it was part of a yearly festival, Christmas.



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