Rabbit Sugar’s Stories by IMED – Chapter Fourteen

Date 11月 7, 2023

A Summer Stay-over

Apparently, my owners had decided to go on a road trip and drop me off at their friends’ house. They had just shipped me off at he night before they went to places called National Parks. It was all going fine, until I learned who my house-mates would be.

The house that my housefolk had sent me to was already inhabited by two cats and a dog who are A rabbit’s worst enemies. I felt like my beautiful world was on the brink of disaster.

Fortunately, the animals were friendly and did NOT have a killer aura even though the dog might have smashed me to bits out of pure excitement.

The housefolk there were kind enough to let me roam about while the cates were locked inside their cages. I especially feel some love coming from a human with soft brown eyes and hair. Frankly, I kind of enjoyed my time there.

Even though we were enemies, the cats and I actually got along pretty well. The cats’ names were Strawberry and Cantaloupe. They were brothers. On the plus side, they never expressed any aggression. No offense. If they did tried to catch me, I bet that they would be slowed down by their giant bellies and NEVER get to me.

After around 17 days and 16 nights, my housefolk came to pick me up and I bidded my cat friends goodbye.

Truthfully, I had lots of fun at their house. When are my housefolk going to travel again? I mean that I want to have fun with my cat friends!.

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