Rabbit Sugar’s Stories by IMED – Chapter Fifteen

Date 11月 7, 2023

Cindy Bun’s Death

News came to me that my sister Cindy Bun was killed.

“There was a rabbit that got killed.” A chipmunk told me. “A rabbit with blackish brown markings on a white coat. Quite a story, she was very popular among the village chiefs.”

Under my constant questioning, a sparrow also let by some peculiar information. “Oh, yes, a rabbit got killed around a week ago by those nasty coyotes. Jumped right over the brick wall and away, He whisked the poor rabbit dear.” The sparrow ruffled his feathers with indignation.”The wise ones (owls) say that her name was Cindy Bun.”

“Cindy Bun was beautiful! Our nest-mates all mope for her, young paddlewan.” A squirrel added, whiskers dropping with sorrow.

So Cindy Bun was dead. I knew that her owners cared for her that she had become a pretty, outsider rabbit. I’d never thought that she would die.

“Why, I prefer the outsides.” Cindy Bun had said. “It’s quite refreshing to feel the wind ruffle your fur. Don’t you think so? And you say that I’m pretty?” She had laughed about that.”Everyone seems to think I am pretty. Gorgeous, the chipmunks say. Dazzling, all the birds say.”

I recalled that at our meeting, she’d also shared some of the ways of the wild. Chipmunks live in villages led by village elders called chiefs. Squirrels lived in clans of friends led by the eldest and youngest of them. All the birds name owls as wise ones. And it’s always a good idea to stay away from the large birds with sharpest of talons.

Cindy Bun’s death surprised, even pained me. It reminded me of when we were youngsters, in the forest, seeking shelter when there was danger. There was one time when we had no place to go to. I feel so sorry for her. She should have had peaceful long life. Onti must be in grief too. Cindy Bun was Onti’s closest friend. She was actually the first to hang out with him when we arrived to the temporary first owners. I pity him.

I have decided I will enjoy the outsides as much as possible. In loving memory of Cindy Bun, sweetest of the sweet, fairest of the fair, gloriest of all of her kind.

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