Rabbit Sugar’s Stories by IMED – Chapter Nine

Date 11月 7, 2023

Onti Is Here

I hopped into my loony bin.

Indirestic chatter came from my housefolk, who had their eyes on me, waving giant paws over in my direction.

A new sophisticated monkey was here, and in its paw was a clear bring-along cage, with another rabbit inside. My eyes opened wide in astonishment as I recognized the face behind the clear mesh. It was Onti!

The rabbit whom I made friends with in my months in my first home was now a pet of somebody my hoomans knew!

My house fold put up a cage at the corner of the dining room, and dumped Onti into it. I galloped over to join him.

“Hey, Sugar. Never had thought we’d meet again, did you?” Onti asked. “So… What’s the scoop?”

I told him of my adventures in this new place with relish and excitement. In exchange. he told me how his life had been like for the past few months. He mentioned getting into the habit of biting and kicking, “though it was never too bad,” he added.

“I only did it because there are rumors going around about mean people selling rabbit tails,” he explained.

“How did they get the rabbit tails?” I asked, almost dreading the answer.

“They would take their rabbit and cut his tail off,” Onti said gravely.

“Oh, how outrageous!” I exclaimed.

“And that’s not all,” He said. “Some housefolk slaughter their rabbits and eat them, oh, the poor scraps! They’d sell the fur afterwards.”

I was so shocked. What if my housefolk did that to me? What would happen?

“Plus, they also rub our bones until they feel velvety smooth and put precious stones on them,” Onti continued. “They would sometimes whip their rabbits till they themselves cringe at the sight of us! Cindybun shared her own stories of how her owners almost abandoned and forgot about her!”

“Then, why don’t rabbits run away?” I inquired.

“Some of them don’t realize they’re in danger until it’s too late. Others get caught while trying to escape or after escaping and get sent back to their homes before they could even say “carrot.” Still others don’t even have an escape route to use!” Onti said matter-of-factly. “Cindybun was caught outside her owner’s premises, and she got sent back to her cage without any sympathy or kindness!”

“I think,” I said slowly. “Those housefolk are nothing like mine or yours. Yours probably left for a trip and let you stay here for the bime being. I feel perfectly comfy with my owners.”

“But my hoomans are fashion designers,’ Onti protested. ” I feel like they would need rabbit fur or something from me for their creations. They would happily slay me sooner or later.”

“Mark my words. We are safe!” I said.

“Listen to my advice. Be more careful!” Onti retorted.

“Sugar! Come on! Eat some veggies!” My owners shouted.

“Alright then,” I said to Onti.” I will be careful!”

I slunk away.



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