Rabbit Sugar’s Stories by IMED – Chapter Ten

Date 11月 7, 2023


After Onti’s stay at my home, my housefolk took me along on a ride in what’s called a “car” to somewhere called a “vet” to do something called “spay”.

After hearing Onti’s mysterious stories, I was kind of worried that “spay” means finish the killing job. But what will happen? I could only wait and seed.

The “vet” was a human in a building in a small city. She looked real nice. But as Onti always says “you never know when things will go wrong”.

I was put in a rack a few minutes after my arrival and was given two small carrots. After eating them, I suddenly felt abnormally drowsy. Soon after, the waves of unconsciousness washed. After a countless amount of time, I reached consciousness again.

My stomach felt oddly sore. When I bent down to lick it, I felt weird. Stiff hairs lodged in my belly and  shockingly, no fun around it.

My owners came to pick me up later in the day. When I arrived home, I was treated with care, and once again, felt at home.

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