Rabbit Sugar’s Stories by IMED – Chapter Five

Date 9月 14, 2023

It dawned on Sugar that she was leaving the forest, leaving the second home where she had lived.

In fact, she was entering a huge vast area of land where there were odd metallic looking things rolling around the land. She noticed that the ground below was black – dotted with white. Around her, giant blocks of clay with transparent square leaves showing the insides of the blocks which towered over her. Walls surrounded the blocks, and inside the walls was greenery. Sugar was rushing past too quickly to look at the details.

Suddenly, the thing Sugar was in stopped. Sugar looked up. Something shining red light shone straight into her eyes. She slammed her eyes shut.

“What’s wrong?” Cindy Bun whispered.

“Don’t … look … up …” Sugar replied.

“What d’you m-?” Cina Bun stopped. Sugar guessed he looked up.

“OW. MY EYES.” Sugar’s companions said simultaneously. “So GREEN.”

“I warned you! But … I saw RED!” Sugar insisted.

They started to move forward.

They were inside a block.

Giant wood furniture and mats made of string covered the block’s interior. Her captors were gone now. An adult rabbit hopped over.

“Hi! My name is Onti. Welcome to my owners’ house! The rabbit said.

“Hi. My name is Sugar. This is my brother Cina Bun, my sister Cindy Bun.” Sugar replied shyly.

“Oooh! Siblings! Nice!” Onti exclaimed.

“Come here, I’ll show you around.” Onti continued.

Onti showed them their bedroom, which was made of wood, carpet and trays of rabbit pellets and water. Sugar tried a pellet, making a face as she did.

“Why aren’t there spinach, carrots, or lettuce?” She asked. There were plenty in the forest.

“Oh. They do come.”Onti said reassuringly.”Only in the mornings. Hey, there’s plenty of food.” He added, glimpsing Sugar’s skeptical look.

The bathroom was a basket with what’s called a bag around it and paper shreds inside.

“The most amazing thing in this house is the backyard” Onti continued. ” You can go to the backyard through this door when it’s open.”

“Weeee! Yah – whoo!” Sugar cried, running at top speed toward the backyard. Cina Bun followed after her.

“Race you to the lemon tree!” Cindy Bun yelled.

The three raced and played. They knew that there wasn’t danger anymore.


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