Rabbit Sugar’s Stories by IMED – Chapter Four

Date 8月 31, 2023

“Oh, Cindy Bun! Where are we going to go now?” Cina Bun asked.

“I Don’t know. Maybe we should build a house. Come on! I’ll show you!” Cindy Bun said.

Sugar sighed. ” I wonder if we will ever see our real father.”

“I hope we will, little sis.” Cindy Bun replied.

Together, the three of them dug out a den near a river. The entrance was concealed by a tree trunk. The little den had four stories, each with a unique room. The top floor was the living room. Then the kitchen and dining room were under it. The relax room was on the second floor. ,The three bedrooms were at the bottom of the home.

One day, when gathering goods for their home, they heard a shriek from where Cindy Bun was standing.

“RUN!” Cindy Bun cried, dashing towards their den at full speed.

Sugar’s feet obeyed instinctively. Overcome with fear, she followed Cindy Bun. Cina Bun reached home first, then Sugar, and to late was Cindy Bun.

Sugar and Cina Bun watched as Cindy Bun rose up in the air, writhing in despair, in a giant mis-shaped light-brown colored paw.

“Cindy Bun!” Both watchers shouted.

“Stay! Don’t worry about me!” Cindy Bun cried.

Sugar didn’t obey. She bounded over, followed closely by Cina Bun.

“We will not let you die!” Sugar said.

“Where you are going, we’re going too!” Cina Bun cried.

Suddenly, Sugar felt weight less. Was she dead already? She wriggled her feet. No, she was alive. She kicked at her attacker but no reaction.

Thunder roared, but there was no sign of rain and no storm clouds either. She was dropped into a cold, solid web. Desperately, Sugar tried to dig. However, there was only air between her paws. Then she realized that there was no escape.


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