Rabbit Sugar’s Stories by IMED – Chapter Three

Date 8月 31, 2023

Up to this day, Sugar was highly respected in the family of the Organvilles. She was thrown out of the family because she didn’t ‘understand’.

It all started when a strange looking rabbit appeared on the doorstep of Sugar’s home.

“Hello, I’m looking for Heather Organville. Is there any chance she is here?” The rabbit asked.

“Oh, yes.” Sugar’s sister, Cindy Bun, replied.

“Oh, hi, Oliver. I was hoping it was you!” Heather organville’s voice floated through the air.

Sugar spun around to see her mother walking up and hugging the weird rabbit.”

“What is she doing?” Sugar asked Cindy Bun.

“H-he is h-her new lover-boypaw.” Cindy Bun replied nervously.

“What?” Sugar almost shouted, but forced herself to keep calm. “Her b-boypaw? New l-over? I mean, what about father?”

Nobody answered. They were too anxious to say a peep.

At dinner that night, Sugar’s mather made apple and carrot pie, broccoli, and basil tea.

Oliver, the odd rabbit, supposedly Sugar’s mother’s new lover, also ate with them.

“Um, children, this  is my new boyfriend, and he proposed to me. Now we are totally engaged.” Sugar’s mother said.

“Why are you engaged? Father is gone now, isn’t he?” Sugar cut in. “We’re supposed to REMEMBER father! Now this Oliver is more charming than enver?

The whole family gasped. Sugar never interrupted anyone before. She most certainly never shouted. Apple and Carvorite, the youngest twins, hid under the couch, getting as far away from sugar’s mother as they could get.

“Sugar!” Heather scolded.”To your room! Now!”

“Who CARES if you say something! Tomorrow, I’m GOING AWAY!” Sugar spat, standing up.

“Mother, I’m going with her.” Cindy Bun and Cina Bun said simultaneously.

Their mother regarded them with a sour gaze. She said,”You unfaithful rabbits! Then Go!”

The next day, all three of them went into the wilderness.



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