Anza-Borrego Sate Park One Day Travel – Demi’s Original travel experience

Date 10月 28, 2022

Last Saturday, April 3rd, 2021, my family and excited I went to Anza-Borrego State Park. On the way there, we sighted a never-ending yellow flower field.


The most fabulous attraction was Slot Canyon where we hiked for two hours. We found it amazingly interesting to think that water had carved the canyon into what we were in and standing on. It’s cool that water flowing into this valley takes many widths to make the path a lot more adventurous. Some parts were so narrow only one fit person could go through them at a time. Others were wide enough to fill with all the people on a floor of a mall in Covid. When hiking through the canyon, we saw many different rock formations. Sometimes we could see a rock stuck in between the walls of the canyon. Other times we could vividly see a few layers of rock sticking out from the walls. It was cooler under there and we had a great time.














Another interesting thing was Sculpture Sky-art where we did sightseeing for a good long time. We saw elephants, camels, turtles, and other amazing animals. I wondered how the artists had practically “stapled” the metals together to make such nice animals. Did they make a sketch of the animal they were going to make? Did they do things that are like paper mache to make the animals? Does the animal need a skeleton? If a famous painter was a staff, he could have painted wonderful scenes and animals on the animal statues. I like the dragon best of all the animals mostly because it looked so real and dangerous. Another reason is that I was born in the dragon year. Part of the dragon’s body was on one side of the road while the tail was on the other side. I wondered how long it took to build this amazing fairytale animal.






Driving down to Anza-Borrego, we saw a beautiful, vast, and empty piece of land. It was like in a movie about wastelands, but just seeing it for yourself.



We went to the Visitor Center, got a tour in the Visitor Tour Room, and found out about Junior Ranger Program and the Movie Guide. While waiting for the movie to start, I signed  up Junior Ranger Program and studied the plants outside the Visitor Center building. I discovered the Ocotillo, a plant with long, slender tentacles that have flowers on each tip. I also saw the Desert Lavender which is a type of Lavender that grows in the desert, I guess.




While watching the movie, I learned that it could even snow in winter. The snow would melt in two days or so. The hottest temperature is up to 120 Fahrenheit degrees in summer. Sometimes floods can occur.


I would love to come back next year to see what wonderful flowers the magical plants can produce.

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